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Polycarbonate greenhouses and sheds.Design and facade heat insulation

The Trading House Urozhay has been producing greenhouses during 10 years. For all this time more than 500000 (five hundred thousand people!)of gardeners have become happy owners of reliable greenhouses Urozhay.

The greenhouses Urozhay have passed tests for durability. As a result of tests it has been proved that «before to be destroyed the greenhouse design maintains load exceeding CDR in 12 times » (Construction Standards and Regulations 2.10.04-85″Greenhouses and hotbeds», conclusion NNGASU (Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering) № 01 dated from 24.12.2010). Therefore as a factory-manufacturer we guarantee quality and reliability of designs. The framework of greenhouses Urozhay is made of the patented zincked profile of several variants under any inquiries of our dear purchasers.

We are glad to present you the expansion of assortment of the highest quality production. New products of the season 2011:

  • The offer of this spring is Greenhouses with assembled end faces (SECC), so the greenhouses Urozhay are assembled for 80 %
  • Unique multi-purpose frames of the classical form are greenhouses, hothouses, winter gardens …
  • The durability is more increased because of advanced designs the further the better…



Теплицы Урожай, Поликарбонат, ТеплоФасад, Металлоконструкции, ДизайнТеплицы Урожай, Поликарбонат, ТеплоФасад, Металлоконструкции, ДизайнТеплицы Урожай, Поликарбонат, ТеплоФасад, Металлоконструкции, Дизайн

Purchase qualitative and reliable cheap greenhouses with polycarbonate from the manufacturer

Today any interested person can purchase a greenhouse of polycarbonate. If you ask yourself the question «where to purchase a greenhouse with polycarbonate?», address in the Trading House Urozhay, and we will help to choose a design of greenhouses suitable for you (multi-purpose designs are used for greenhouses, winter gardens, bowers, for all-the-year-round storage of any things..). To purchase a greenhouse with polycarbonate at our company means to purchase a qualitative reliable greenhouse for long years. Greenhouses with polycarbonate from the Trading House Urozhay are inexpensive, frankly cheap, their cost is less than the cost of similar designs. We are a factory-manufacturer, for this reason our greenhouses with polycarbonate are cheaper.

Open sheds for cars and abat-jours over an entrance – everything’s of polycarbonate.

Besides the designs for agriculture, the field of activity of the Trading House Urozhay includes the production and the installation of frames with polycarbonate use, the design of facades, a warm facade.
Due to the the high durability, the polycarbonate of the TH Urozhay is used as a constructional material in many industries. The polycarbonate represents panels of different thickness  the further the more interesting…

Теплицы Урожай, Поликарбонат, ТеплоФасад, Металлоконструкции, ДизайнТеплицы Урожай, Поликарбонат, ТеплоФасад, Металлоконструкции, ДизайнТеплицы Урожай, Поликарбонат, ТеплоФасад, Металлоконструкции, ДизайнТеплицы Урожай, Поликарбонат, ТеплоФасад, Металлоконструкции, Дизайн

For more than 5 years we customize translucent metalwares with the polycarbonate use.

Open sheds for cars. The open shed for the car will protect your car from precipitation and negative influences of the environment.

Abat-jours over the entrance. The abat-jour over the entrance is an excellent aesthetic and functional addition to the design of a building facade.

Open shed of polycarbonate.
Open sheds of polycarbonate are customized strong metalwares. It can be: Sheds over a basin, over a foot path, a veranda with a roof…

Focusing on your requirements, we customize the most original metalwares.

Design and facade heat insulation.

As a rule, the design of houses (buildings) facades is considered as an integral part of the project art decision. The primary goal of the design studio of the Trading House Urozhay is to execute the design project of a house (building) facade in that way that it will correspond all your preferences. During the design-project realisation we use only those materials which as much as possible do for our climate and allow to realize even the most non-standard decisions. For the warming of a building facade the material which is called WarmFacade or warm siding (the warm siding is the out-of-date name) is used. The WarmFacade is the thermoplateshaving high resource-saving characteristics for the warming of a building facade, the foamed polystyrene plate produced in a special way with a multilayered polimeric-composite covering the further the more interesting…

The Trading House Urozhay uses only modern high-quality materials, focusing its attention on the ecological compatibility, the durability, the safety, the convenience of installation, and that creates the maximum economic efficiency of objects.


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