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The TH Urozhay regularly widens the assortment of made qualitative goods.

New products of the season 2011!

Urozhay CLASSIC –  is multi-purpose serial frames of the classical form – UROZHAY CLASSIC, that do not have analogues in the Russian market, and in the European market they are claimed as leaders under the quality-price indicator. In different climatic zones the frames UROZHAY CLASSIC can be used as the Hothouses, Greenhouses, Winter gardens, household constructions. The engineers of the Trading House Urozhay have developed UROZHAY CLASSIC in such a manner that according to the durability and the reliability it can be used even in northern areas where there are abundant snowfalls and strong winds. Frames of the classical form ideally do for the cultivation of tall plants, and you can rear yourself up.

SECC – Segments of an End face Covered with polyCarbonate You have decided to purchase a greenhouse, but the assemblage process frightens you? The TH Urozhay offers the decision – you can purchase a greenhouse with assembled ends. The honeycomb polycarbonate is industrially cut and attached to the elements of the frame ends. The greenhouse is professionally assembled for 80 %. You have to assemble arches and to attach honeycomb polycarbonate to the tunnel frame of the greenhouse “Urozhay” with coupling tapes that will take no more than 1,5-2 hours. The end segments are packed into a harmless packing of a strong cardboard.

The box sizes are 2270х1150х170 mm.

The weight of the greenhouse SECC-2m. (in the packing) is 43 kg.

«Cutting for ends».How does it need to cut a polycarbonate sheet for a greenhouse end and not to spoil a material and to get a dense conformity of the polycarbonate without cracks? The TH Urozhay has solved this question that gardeners often have. We offer the honeycomb polycarbonate already cut for greenhouse ends. You save 25 % of the time for the assemblage of the greenhouse “UROZHAY”. The professional cutting includes the manufacturing of apertures in the polycarbonate for the installation of segments to the end framework of the greenhouse “Urozhay”. The polycarbonate cut for ends is packed into the packing of a strong cardboard with dimensions of 2235х270х40 mm. The sizes of packings are convenient for the transportation and the storage of the greenhouses “Urozhay”.

«DFG» – Durable Framework of the Greenhouse.. It is a two-meter greenhouse packed into a box of a strong cardboard.

The box sizes are 2235х270х40 mm.

The weight of the greenhouse DFG-2m. (in the packing) is 34,5 kg.

«Lengthening for 2 metres» – a lengthening of the tunnel of the greenhouse “UROZHAY” for 2 meters, packed into a box of a strong cardboard.

The box sizes are 2080х300х40 mm.

The lengthening weight DFG+2m (in the packing with a booster) is 17 kg.

The engineers of the factory of the TH Urozhay have developed a new frame increasing the framework durability, for the DFG and the lengthening for 2 m. In the greenhouse complement two details (of 1,37 m and 0,63 m.) of a longitudinal stringer have been replaced by one detail- two-meter stringer. It accelerates the assemblage process (less details) and increases the framework durability (less connections).

Light-emitting diode phytolamp for plants illumination. Long ago scientists established that plants and a human “see” the light differently. The human eye is more sensitive to the flavovirent light. The plants photosynthesis peak is on an orange-red and blue part of the spectrum, and the flavovirent area does not play any crucial importance. This feature is used in specialized phytolamps. Phytolamps are used for the illumination of indoor plants in autumn and in winter when because of the light lack plants start to wither and cease to blossom. Phytolamps are widely used for the illumination of outdoor plants cultivated in greenhouses. The quantity of phytolamps in a greenhouse depends on the size of this greenhouse and on the quantity of beds in it. Purchasephytolamps of the checked up quality in the TH Urozhay, and our experts will help you to calculate necessary quantity of phytolamps for your greenhouse, will recommend you how to install them correctly.

Dusya-Sun is a reliable and effective ventilator for greenhouses. . The greenhouse is an accessible way to receive a crop of thermophilic plants: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. Sun rays pass through a greenhouse and at night this greenhouse keeps warm air. However, in a hot sunny day the temperature in a greenhouse can reach 90 (!) degrees. The ventilation is an effective way of the struggle against an overheat. In the afternoon you open ventlights, and for the night you close them. This procedure demands the control, but the control is not always possible, if you go somewhere or your garden is not near to your house.  Dusya-Sun serves for the automation of the ventilation. Dusya-Sun is a device of automatic opening of a ventlight at the air heating in the greenhouse and closing it at a decrease of the temperature. The thermocylinder is on the basis of Dusya-Sun.

Dusya-SUN is:

  • An economy – it does not demand batteries and an electricity.
  • A universality – it is used with greenhouses of a various frame.
  • A simplicity and a reliability of a frame.
  • An increase of a crop capacity – in a greenhouse there is an optimal temperature for plants growth.
  • A taste improvement of vegetables cultivated in a greenhouse.
  • A laboriousness decrease during a care for plants in a summer cottage.

A ventilight lifting is carried out by a rod for the height to 45 cm.

The weight Dusya-Sun can lift is to 7 kg.


  1. The factory is more than 10 years. More than 500 000 (five hundred thousand!) of frameworks were produced.
  2. There are deliveries in 35 regions of the Russian Federations and abroad (the Balkans, Scandinavia, Kazakhstan …)
  3. The patented zincked profile and frame
  4. Engineering calculation of all loads with the exceeding of GOST in times
  5. The frame was tested in NNGASU
  6. The lifetime is more than 20 years.
  7. A simpleassembly
  8. Ecological and convenient packing
  9. Careful execution: the profile is not scratched, exact apertures and abutments…
  10. Innovative fixture of a covering is coupling tapes (only at our company)
  11. In both ends there are wide doors and ventlights
  12. It’s possible to supplement a complement: a lateral ventlight, a partition, a lengthening …
  13. The arches are strengthened, and for the winter period we recommend a partition-booster
  14. It’s very difficult to steal or harm
  15. Arch form: There is no leaking of a condensate, an additional durability.
  16. Individual longitudinal fixation of arches: there are no longitudinal displacements
  17. Double fixation of elements by screws
  18. Height from 2,15 m. and higher.
  19. Constant modernization of the frame
  20. We are only one who can prove it.

The reliable, durable and checked up frame at the optimum price

The greenhouse “Urozhay” from the manufacturer.
Sale of greenhouses wholesale and retail.
The greenhouse is intended for the cultivation of vegetable cultures in country cottage and plots of land. The greenhouse frame is made of the zincked profile by the thickness of 0,8 mm and can be assembled by means of screws and nuts.

The greenhouse has 2 doors and 2 ventilights in opposite ends.

In the greenhouse complement through each 2 meters there are the Arch Booster that guarantees the safety against wind and snow load.

Also according to the purchaser’s choice it’s possible to install additional lateral ventlights and partitions.
There is no need in any foundation for such a greenhouse.

The greenhouse assemble is carried out by two ways:

By digging T-shaped terminations in the earth. Thus in the installed form the greenhouse height will be 2,15 m.

By frame fastening on a wooden bar. Thus the greenhouse height will be 2,45 m.

The covering is the honeycomb polycarbonate that forms the greenhouse complement, or must be bought separately. For this greenhouse model it is recommended to install the polycarbonate with the thickness of 4 mm, the size of 2,1х6 m.

The polycarbonate fastening to the greenhouse is carried out by means of the zincked couplers on each arch, thus the polycarbonate remains complete, there is no aperture in it and that prolongs the polycarbonate service life! As the coupler consists of two parts, they fasten to legs of the greenhouse and are pulled together with a bolt and a nut. The advantage of this fastening is that the polycarbonate has a free course under the couplers, at a various range of temperatures (at the heating it extends, at the cooling it becomes narrow).

The fastening of ends parts is made by the special corners forming the greenhouse complement. The width of doorways is 0,9 m and due to it the polycarbonate cutting for ends parts of the greenhouse is carried out according to the correct technology, i.e. honeycombs are located vertically! The greenhouse complement includes the instruction for assemblage, with a detailed description, and also all fixing materials.

Today any interested person can purchase a greenhouse of polycarbonate. But do not trust phony companies! Try to purchase greenhouses in reliable, well proved companies. Address to the Trading House Urozhay, and we will help you to choose a variant as much as possible corresponding to your inquiries.

We are always glad to new clients!