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In the Russian market of building materials there is an innovative hi-tech material – thermoplates – that is more often used under the terms WarmFacade or warm siding. The WarmFacade is a foamed polystyrene plate produced in a special way with a multilayered polimeric-composite covering. Passing through a difficult multiphase technological process, the WarmFacade and Decorative elements get high resource-saving characteristics and have not analogues according to their constructive and technological features, that has been shown in the most active use of the Warm siding for more than 40 years for a heat and sound isolation and a decor in the North America and Canada, in the Scandinavian countries.

High technologies give rise to a product with a unique complex of characteristics. The WarmFacade is a single facade insulating system: Heavy-combustible foamed polystyrene (classes V1 and G1) and a polimeric-composite covering (classes V0 and NG). The Trading House Urozhay produces the WarmFacade on the production from these components (class К0-non-combustible). The goal of a heat engineering calculation is to show how the system application improves the quality of a heat-shielding of external walls. The used foamed polystyrene has the density of 25-50 kg/m3, the heat conductivity of 0,030-0,035 Vt/m. deg. C.

DESIGN The design of houses (buildings) facades is considered as an integral part of the project art decision. At the same time, in modern conditions the design of a house facade often becomes a basis for modernisation and reconstruction projects.

The primary goal of the design studio of the Trading House Urozhay is to execute the design project of a house facade in that way that it will correspond all your preferences. During the design project realisation we use only qualitative and modern materials and we select those materials that as much as possible correspond to our natural and climatic conditions and that allow to realize even the most non-standard decisions.

What is necessary for the design project creation?

It is desirable to give drawings of structures of walls, beams, overlappings and other constructive elements with their sizes. In case of their absence, we suggest you to take advantage of our service – a visit of an object by our designer. For the primary consultation and all necessary sizing. The Trading House Urozhay and its Partners have 3500 variants of external and internal furniture, erected objects: 57 apartment houses and big constructions, 730 individual houses and their accomplishment. We are assured that the design studio of the Trading House Urozhay will answer your most exacting inquiries.


Decorative elements of a facade is a way to change and separate your house from a number of buildings. With their help it is possible to improve any facade, to change architectural features of the house and to protect the house from heat and cold. The Trading House Urozhay will produce figured elements of any complexity. It is a perfect way to realize your ideas. Columns, arches, platbands and pilasters and many other things – such decorative elements of a facade will change the house outside and from within.

Earlier decorative elements of buildings facades were produced of such heavy and difficult to work with materials as a concrete, a stone, a gypsum. The introduction of manufacturing techniques and processing of elements of a foamed polystyrene facade decor has allowed to produce lighter decorative eaves, columns, window frames and to reduce considerably man hours for their installation. Due to the quality and the durability of special coverings for front elements of foamed polystyrene decorative columns, arches, clypeuses and apertures have a lifetime for many tens years. The company will develop, produce and install figured elements.

Decorative elements of a facade have conclusive advantages:

  • A small weight of elements, a simplicity of their fixation.
  • A manufacturing under an individual plan of an architect, under his drawings.
  • High quality of a product surface, the absence of appreciable sutures in a place of the interface of the next elements.
  • Possibility of maintenance of an accurate, “sharp” line of a product – it is appreciated by architects.
  • High speed of a manufacturing.
  • Compatibility with materials of an external thermal protection according to characteristics of a temperature expansion.
  • Durability of coverings.
  • Economy of means during the manufacturing of big and complicated products
  • Figured elements are the modern decision that have replaced the gypsum and the marbles
  • Decor Elements of the polystyrene do not demand any big expenses during their installation
  • Light decorative elements are simply and quickly fastened to a facade surface
  • All figured elements are compatible with heat-insulting systems according to engineering characteristics
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  • The experts of the Trading House Urozhay skillfully use various decorative elements of a facade and help to transform buildings into the real subject of admiration.

The Trading House Urozhay uses only high-quality and modern materials for their use in various fields of activity, focusing on the ecological compatibility, the safety, the durability, the assembly ease, and because of it the economic efficiency is maximum.